We ask you, is there a gift more manly than meat in a manly wooden box? We think not. Our BEEF box is packed with bounty of mouth-watering beef inside. It's the dream of every two-legged, meat-eating carnivore. But wait, aren't all carnivores meat-eaters, you rightfully ask? Indeed, good point, but we take no shame in applying literary license when talking beef. And we are talking serious beef. Like 3 manly bags of True Beef Jerky, an up-and-coming brand that's one of our favorites. The Epic Bar is a delicious premium beef snack with lots of lean protein. We also include 2 delicious perfectly cured Summer Sausages, five ounces of Bavaria Beef Sausage, 2 Slim Jim Beef Sticks and his own meat cleaver to carve it. Modern man may no longer hunt his own meat, but nothing will satisfy his inner instinct like our ManSnacks Beef box.
Beef Beef Beef
3 Bags of Premium Beef Jerky from True Jerky, 2.25 Ounces Each
2 Summer Sausages, 5 Ounces Each
Bavaria Beef Sausage, 5 Ounce
Epic Beef Bar
Meat Cleaver
2 Slim Jim Beef Sticks
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