Some say man cannot live by bacon alone. We beg to differ. Sure, bacon and eggs are a handsome pair, but skip the eggs and give us a double stack of that mouth-watering sliced pork any day. Same goes for lunch. A BLT is nice, but a BBB is three times as nice, and it's easier to spell (just saying). Snacks? Potato chips are good, but bacon popcorn - now you're talking. If your man is a bacon fanatic, this bucket is pig-o-plenty. We've loaded it up with Jeff's Famous Bacon Jerky, Bacon Hot Sauce, Bacon Popcorn (oh yeah, bacon popcorn!), Bacon Cheese Spread, Vermont Bacon Stick, Pork Rinds and even a Bacon Air Freshener. It's all packed in a manly keepsake wooden box. We're talkin' hog heaven. He's gonna love you forever. You can thank us later.
For the Love of Bacon
Jeff's Famous Bacon Jerky
Bacon Hot Sauce
Bacon Popcorn
Bacon Cheese Spread
Vermont Bacon Stick
Pork Rinds
Bacon Air Freshener
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