Endless research has gone into why men play golf. Is it the beauty of being in the great outdoors? The thrill of smashing that little ball hundreds of yards down the fareway (or into the woods)? The lure of a hole in one? Beating your buddy so he has to buy the beer? Or the fact that men will play anything that involves a ball and a stick? At Mansnacks, our moto is: the more golf the better, and if we weren't writing this little ditty about golf we'd be out on the links right now. With our Golf box, of course. Because next to his golf bag, our golfer's box has the gear and grub every golfer wants. Can't you just see golfers everywhere carrying our Golf boxes around the greens? Okay, maybe not, but we do like to think about it.
What's inside? Great golf gear like premium golf balls and a mountain of tees (no, not the drinking kind). To keep him nourished and hydrated as he covers miles of open terrain, we've included Arnold Palmer's famous iced tea (yes, the drinking kind), a 10th Tee Golf Energy Bar, Beer Nuts, Peeled Dried Mango, Madi K Almonds, Tiramasu Wafers, Buffalo Popcorn, Mike & Ike's, and a Nature Valley Granola Bar. Now, give me that putter.
Premium Golf Balls
Lots of Golf Tees
10th Tee Golf Energy Bar
Arnold Palmer Iced Tea
Beer NutsB
Peeled Dried Mango
Tiramasu Wafers
Buffalo Popcorn
Mike & Ike's
Nature Valley Granola Bar
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