God of the Grill
God of the Grill
He's the God of Grilling, the Master of Meat, the King of Coals. To him, grilling is art; his grill is his canvas. Picasso didn't merely paint, and your Baron of the BBQ does more than slap meat onto a grill. He creates a masterpiece of flavors and tastes. We built our God of the Grill gift box for him. The finest grilling equipment, sauces, seasonings, and grub. Our grilling plank and grilling rub is a fan favorite. Whether he's a pro with planks or just getting started, he'll love the flavor it adds to meats and fish. For smoked flavors, the Smoker Tray is a fantastic device he'll use over and over. Add in the Hickory Wood Chunks for a natural smoked apple flavor that will permeate his favorite meats. For sauces, Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce tops our list -- great sauce, great name, from a third generation family who's been making it for years. And when your Sultan of Smoke has all burners blazin', we have him covered ... literally. Our full length apron protects him so he can grill where no man has grilled before.
Grill baby grill
Cedar Grill Plank
Grilling Rub
Smoker Box
Bone Suckin' BBQ sauce
Bacon Hot Sauce
Sriracha Seasoning
BBQ Apron
King of Pop Buffalo Popcorn
Hickory Wood Chunks
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