The Outdoorsman
The Outdoorsman
You know him. He's an outdoors man. He'd rather than sit on a stump than sit on the couch, camp out under the stars than sleep in a five star hotel, and catch his own dinner than order take-out. This gift is for him. It's packed with gear and grub he'll need in the wild, whether he's camping with his buddies or pitching a tent with the kids. When he's up against the creatures of the wild, rest assured he'll have what he needs. Like a high powered LED headlamp, emergency blanket, waterproof matches and first aid kit. Even his own BigFoot Pocket Journal for documenting his encounter, plus great camping grub to sustain him during his adventures.
Call of the Wild
High Powered LED Headlamp With Headband
Waterproof Matches
Duke Cannon Big Ass Bar Of Soap
Camping Mashed Potatoes (pictured) or Beef Jerky, depending on availability
Bigfoot Pocket Journal
Emergency Survival Blanket
AAA Batteries
Trail Mix
Dried Fruit
First Aid Kit
Beer Nuts
Granola Bar
Vermont Bacon Stick
Coffee Candy or other candy
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