Java Man
Java Man
You know a Java Man when you see him. Coffee is his life. He can pilot an airplane with a cup in his hand, cross the street while sipping his morning brew and reading the newspaper, and haul steel girders up a ladder without spilling a drop. We've created our Java Man coffee in honor of him. Our coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans which grow at the highest elevations and produce the best coffee on earth. And when your Java Man is on the go, his coffee will stay warm and spill-free in his own travel mug with its stainless steel exterior insulating layer and removable spillproof lid. As a final touch we've included plenty of coffee candies to fuel his coffee cravings between cups. Ahhh, can't you almost smell the coffee brewing?
Coffee Heaven
Java Man 100% Premium Arabica 12 Ounces Ground Coffee
Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug with Spillproof Lid
Coffee Candies
Wrapped in Steel
ManBuckets One Gallon Steel Paint Bucket
ManBuckets Screwdriver
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