Gift Baskets for Real Men
We make awesome gift baskets for men. Which means, of course, we don't use baskets at all because, let's face it, wicker baskets are for women. Men deserve manly gifts. At ManSnacks, we pack manly grub, awesome gear, and great tools in manly wooden boxes and fun themed boxes designed just for guys. Our boxes will put a smile on his face, and you'll be his gift-giving hero.
Help us end PTGBD
Every year, men suffer needlessly from PTGBD (Post Traumatic Gift Basket Disorder). It occurs when wives, girlfriends, parents and co-workers give girly wicker gift baskets to unsuspecting men. PTGBD attacks your gift recipient's core sense of manliness. Fortunately, PTGBD is preventable. Clinical studies have shown that giving him a ManSnack is 100% effective in combating this dreadful affliction, and will actually increase his sense of manliness. We are proud to donate a portion of every ManSnacks sale to ongoing research into new products to fight PTGBD. Please, for the sake of men everywhere, just say no to wicker, and give him a ManSnack.
Talk to real men
Have a question? Or just want to hear the sound of us making the world's most manly snacks? Give us a call. Or send us an email. We'll respond fast.
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(800) 850-5067
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